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Can you survive a Gaga horror movie?

Gaga absolutely loves horror movies. She loves them so much that she sometimes even puts them on to relax. I think it’s safe to say she would probably survive a horror movie.

But would you?

Answer these questions to see if you could survive a Gaga horror movie!

  • Question of

    You are home alone listening to ARTPOP, when you hear a knock on the front door. You peek out the window and spot a woman shrouded in shadow. What do you do?

    • Crank up Aura in hopes that Gaga’s shrieking will scare her off.
    • Ask “Madonna, have you finally come for me?”
    • Call the art police.
  • Question of

    Your friend begins talking in a strange language and her head does a full-on Exorcist twist. What is your first thought?

    • The spirit of Joanne has possessed her and consumed her soul.
    • You’ve seen the movie. You know what comes next. If she vomits, she better honor it.
    • I don’t speak demon, but I can if you like.
  • Question of

    You get a phone call from someone who says they know you didn’t buy ARTPOP on iTunes, and they are calling from inside the house. What do you do?

    • Try to justify your actions by saying you streamed it instead.
    • Call the police and let them know that Angela Cheng has broken into your home.
    • Clutch your copy of The Fame Monster to your chest and pray for forgiveness.
  • Question of

    A medium tells you that your new home is haunted. What is the first thing you do?

    • Light your Alejandro candles and pray to Black Jesus for help.
    • Scream “I knew I never should have moved to Nebraska!”
    • Kick yourself for swallowing that rosary that one time.
  • Question of

    You start babysitting so that you can save up to go see Gaga in Vegas. You overhear one of the children talking to their imaginary friend “Joanne”. What do you do?

    • Sit the child down and let them know to cut that shit out because you don’t play with demons.
    • Recognize the opportunity, tell the parents you are charging them double. Vegas is expensive.
    • Call up one of your friends and explain that this is the stuff that happens when you play Bloody Mary on repeat.
  • Question of

    You find out your neighbors are part of a cult. They want you to join. How do you respond?

    • You tell them there is only one Cult you believe in, and that’s the Illuminatti.
    • You decline, as it would tarnish your image of being just a regular girl.
    • You agree but only if Nicola Formichetti designs the outfits.
  • Question of

    You scream when you notice a figure watching you from outside the window. What were you doing?

    • Dancing in circles.
    • Taking a scheisse.
    • Making yet another rumor thread.

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