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Finish the Lady Gaga lyrics

Calling all super fans! Can you get 100% on this Lady Gaga lyrics quiz? Songs include anything from Lady Gaga’s discography (minus unreleased songs).

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  • Question of

    Come to me, with all your subtext and ________

    • cruelty
    • fantasy
    • enemy
  • Question of

    Cause we can’t hide the ______ in our head

    • prevalence
    • evidence
    • guidance
  • Question of

    I toss that ____ and call

    • work
    • cork
    • fork
  • Question of

    I can’t wait to _____ for real

    • plays
    • blaze
    • daze
  • Question of

    I’ll make you squeal baby, as long as you ____ me

    • play
    • pay
    • lay
  • Question of

    A different lover is not a ______

    • win
    • sin
    • kin
  • Question of

    She ______ something while we got down on the floor baby

    • mumbled
    • tumbled
    • humbled
    • jumbled
  • Question of

    Make deals with every devil in ____

    • spite
    • light
    • sight
  • Question of

    When you touch me it’s so _____

    • ambitious
    • delicious
    • suspicious
  • Question of

    Your love is nothing I can’t _____

    • fight
    • bite
    • quite

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