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Finish the lyrics: A Star is Born edition

You should know every lyric from start to finish from A Star is Born right now. If you don’t, what are you doing with your life?

Finish the lyrics!

  • Question of

    You don’t like my direction, hell ____________

    • I won’t bother you
    • I won’t follow you
    • I ain’t lyin’
    • I don’t lie
  • Question of

    When you look at me _________

    • and the world fades
    • and the whole world fades
    • I’ll always remember us this way
  • Question of

    Black eyes open wide __________

    • It’s time to testify
    • There’s no room for lies
    • Everyone’s waitin’ for you
    • Everyone’s lookin’ at you
  • Question of

    Promise me baby, ________

    • you know I can’t take it
    • you know I can’t fake it
    • say somethin’ lovin’ to me
    • you know I can make it
  • Question of

    Cause I’ll be gone from here, _________________

    • Ain’t no need to hurry back
    • You’ll be dressed up in black
    • By the time that you’re done with me
    • You’ll be dressed up in the back
  • Question of

    Wasn’t the “it” girl at school, ____________

    • No I wasn’t queen of the Bronx
    • No I wasn’t queen at the prom
    • But don’t take me for a fool
    • Heard every cruel thing they said
  • Question of

    Dose me with your energy, _________

    • Leave me emotionally
    • Cool me emotionally
    • Leave your soul inside me
    • Cool me down and calm me
  • Question of

    I swear I’ve seen an angel, __________

    • and it’s Lady Gaga
    • in every color
    • and paradise in blue
    • a paradise in you
  • Question of

    Don’t want to know another kiss, _______

    • No other name falling off my lips
    • Or let another day begin
    • Or let the sunlight in
    • Or give my heart away
  • Question of

    Knowing if we stay together, _____

    • that things will be alright
    • that things will be right
    • that things will be okay
  • Question of

    Said the worldly man was lost, ___________

    • and that hell was real
    • and that heaven was real
    • and that hell was a feel
  • Question of

    I had to listen just to find you, _________

    • I like for you to let me sing along
    • I’d like for you to let me sing a song
    • I like for you to come along
    • Sing you a song that you feel
  • Question of

    Why do you look so good in those jeans?


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