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How well do you know the Stupid Love video?

It’s been almost 3 days since the Stupid Love video has been released. Have you been streaming the video enough?

Can you get 100% on this quiz without cheating?

  • Question of

    In the beginning of the video, when the pink tribe leaves, which tribe appears?

    • Blue tribe
    • Black tribe
    • Yellow tribe
    • Green tribe
  • Question of

    When Gaga first appears in this outfit, which tribe is she dancing with?

    • Yellow tribe
    • Black tribe
    • Green tribe
    • Pink tribe
  • Question of

    How many times does Gaga use sign language to sign the lyrics: “All I ever wanted was love”?

    • Once
    • Twice
    • Three times
    • Five times
  • Question of

    Which two tribes are seen fighting with each other?

    • Blue and Green
    • Yellow and Black
    • Black and Red
    • Red and Blue
  • Question of

    What tribe does this symbol belong to?

    • Green
    • Black
    • Yellow
    • None of them
  • Question of

    Which two tribes did not receive an exclusive dance break with Gaga?

    • Red and Yellow
    • Blue and Red
    • Red and Green
    • Black and Green
  • Question of

    Does the symbol on Gaga’s forehead change as she dances with different tribes?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    What is the name of the pink tribe?

    • The Spiritual Ones
    • The Kindness Punks
    • The Chromers
  • Question of

    How many outfit changes does Gaga make in the video?

    • Three
    • Four
    • Five
    • Six
  • Question of

    In which tribe do all the members wear the same outfit?

    • None of them
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Yellow

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