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How’s your behind-the-scenes knowledge about A Star is Born?

You’ve taken the hardest A Star is Born quiz, but how’s your behind-the-scenes knowledge about the movie? Have you been paying attention to how many times Lady Gaga told us Bradley wiped her makeup off on set?

Well 99 people might not have believed in Gaga, but we believe you can score 100%!

  • Question of

    Lady Gaga is wearing a piece of clothing from her own closet in the movie. Which is it?

    • The top she wears when visiting Jackson in rehab
    • The jump-suit she wears during Always Remember Us This Way
    • The shawl she wears while recording Look What I Found
    • The gold ruffled dress she wears at the Grammy’s
  • Question of

    True or false: Lady Gaga was supposed to wear another dress during the Grammy’s in the movie, and she changed her mind at the last minute.

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    How many people didn’t believe in Gaga?

    • 100
    • 1
    • 99
  • Question of

    The movie was filmed entirely in how many days?

    • 34
    • 56
    • 42
    • 47
  • Question of

    Lady Gaga took some pieces from the set. What were they?

    • Jackson’s shirt, Mr. Bubble, Ally’s songbook
    • Jackson’s shirt, Mr. Bubble, Ally’s song book, and the La Vie En Rose sign
    • Just Jackson’s shirt and Ally’s songbook
    • Ally’s necklace, Jackson’s shirt, Mr. Bubble and Ally’s songbook
  • Question of

    Have Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper read any reviews of the movie?

    • They both have
    • None of them have
    • Bradley has
    • Lady Gaga has
  • Question of

    DJWS said two of the songs below were written on the same day. Which ones?

    • Always Remember Us This Way and Is That Alright?
    • Heal Me & Look What I Found
    • Is That Alright? and Look What I Found
    • Hair Body Face & Heal Me
  • Question of

    True or false: It was Bradley Cooper’s idea to include the dialogue bits into the record.

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    Gaga composed the string arrangements and conducted the orchestra in the studio for Before I Cry. Was this her first time doing this?

    • It was her first time
    • No she’s done it before
  • Question of

    Someone from the set, loaned their own wedding dress for Gaga to use during Ally’s elopement. Who was it?

    • Erin Benach
    • Karen Murphy
    • Sarah Tanno
    • Lynette Howell Taylor
    • Lori McCoy-Bell
  • Question of

    Why did Lady Gaga take on the role for the movie?

    • She wanted to smooch Bradley Cooper. Who wouldn’t?
    • She knew it would take her career to new heights
    • She was fascinated by the story
    • She loves doing tributes, and a remake of a movie is sort of like a tribute right? OBVIOUSLY she had to take on the role.

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