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If you were one of Lady Gaga’s top 5 hits, which one would you be?

Lady Gaga, queen of the universe, just scored another top 5 hit with Shallow! Answer these 5 questions and we’ll tell you which top 5 hit from her discography you are!

  • Question of

    Choose your fighter

    • Cherry Cherry Boom Boom Gaga
    • Lady WitchGa
    • Lady FraudGa
    • Joanne
    • Lady AwardsGa
    • CurseGa
    • Drunky Gaga
    • Lady TumbleGa
  • Question of

    The year is 2013, a very tough time for Little Monsters. The media is tearing Lady Gaga apart saying she will never be at the top again. What’s your reaction?

    • Yes
    • No
    • fff
    • dodge
    • sfsf
    • gdfgd
    • aléas
    • dgkmzskg
  • Question of

    Time to get your daily Starbucks, how are you getting there?

    • You’re definitely NOT going since you’ve been scammed by Shallowbucks
    • By car but you suddenly get into an accident after Perfect Illusion comes on
    • Grab a horse from your stable and gallop your way there
    • Take a blunt and drive down with your el camino
    • Your Ford F-150 has expired license plates on it but you take it anyway
    • Got to arrive in style, you take your Lamborghini!
    • Get your chauffeur to drive you since you STILL don’t have your license
    • By foot, time to get your exercise for the day
  • Question of

    Pick an underrated song

    • Diamond Heart
    • Summerboy
    • Sinner’s Prayer
    • Before I Cry
    • Fashion of His Love
    • Dope
    • The Fame
    • Grigio Girls
  • Question of

    Pick your favourite hair colour

    • Blonde
    • Orange
    • Pink
    • Multicolour
    • Brown
    • Blonde/Black
    • Green
    • Teal

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