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Let’s see if you can figure out what Lady Gaga is saying in these press interviews

Lady Gaga has been busy doing press interviews for A Star is Born lately and I’m sure you’ve all heard the stories she absolutely loves to repeat. Is it the makeup story? The one about trust? The one about Bradley’s voice?

Guess what Gaga was saying during the interviews based on the gifs below!

  • Question of

    What is Gaga saying?

    • She was teaching the audience how to wipe their face properly
    • She was telling the reporter “You know, you should clean your face”
    • She was telling the audience that Bradley wiped her makeup off on set
    • A reporter asked her about her skin care routine and she was explaining it
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    What about here?

    • The reporter asked her about new music and she had no idea what to say
    • The reporter whispered “Tony” and Gaga went into shock
    • She got carried away talking about Bradley Cooper
    • She was explaining to the reporter how she’s always wanted to be an actress
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    And here?

    • She was getting emotional after Bradley told her she’s a better actress than singer
    • She started crying after Bradley said he believed in her for the millionth time
    • She got emotional while saying ASIB changed her life
    • She got emotional thinking about how amazing Bradley’s voice is
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    • Gaga had just finished saying that there can be 100 people in a room, and 99 won’t believe in you, but there’s that one person that does
    • Gaga was saying how it was an honour and privilege to watch Bradley work
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    What about here?

    • She was demonstrating her reaction to the reporter after she heard Bradley sing for the first time
    • This was her reaction after hearing about the universal acclaim of ASIB
    • This was her reaction after the reporter told her she had no idea she was Italian
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    • She said “f*ck you” to Bradley after he made fun of her cooking
    • She said “so are you” after Bradley called her a beautiful human being
    • She said “thank you” to Bradley after he said Beyonce was never the first choice for the lead role in ASIB
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    And what about here?

    • In case no one was aware, she was telling them that she’s an east coast Italian-American from New York
    • She was telling the audience how she wanted to be an actress before becoming a singer
    • She was saying that trust is the important thing and that she trusts Bradley, oh and did I mention that Bradley also trusts Gaga?
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    And finally, what about here?

    • She was telling the reporter that her and Bradley had an instant connection
    • She was explaining to the reporter that she cooked for Bradley the first time they met
    • She was telling the reporter that Bradley operates with ninja-like precision
    • She was explaining how she wanted to strangle Bradley after he took her makeup off

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