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Many tribes battle for dominance on Planet Chromatica… can yours win?

Welcome to planet Chromatica, a place surrounded by kindness and evil. Your actions will determine your faith. Choose wisely.

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To begin the game, make sure you take our quiz to find out which tribe you belong to. If you have already, proceed to question 1 below.

  • Question of

    Which tribe do you belong to?

    • Pink tribe
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    • Red tribe
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    • Blue tribe
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    • Green tribe
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    • Black tribe
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    • Yellow tribe
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  • Question of

    What’s your superpower?

    • Telekinesis
    • Electricity control
    • Super speed
    • Healing
    • Intelligence
    • Mind reading
  • Question of

    After many years of believing the spirits of the silver tribe from ancient Babylon had gone extinct, they make their grand return to Planet Chromatica and you see them as a threat. You:

    • Gather your team and make a plan
    • Use technology to defeat them
    • Threaten to send them back to earth
    • Start a protest
  • Question of

    For survival, you have to visit the land of the green tribe and steal some of their plants for food. Which one are you taking? Careful, some are poisonous.

    • Stephelia Germanotta Speciosa
    • Aloe Chromatera
    • Emerald Green Gagavitae
    • Monstera
    • Venus Fly Choreographa
  • Question of

    ugh oh the Kindness Punk Police (pink tribe) are on high alert and attempt to restore peace, you decide to:

    • Make an alliance with them and alert them of any suspicious activity
    • You trust your tribe and continue to battle for dominance
    • Bow down to the Kindness Punk police because they are just too powerful
    • Gather your tribe and fight the Kindness Punk police
  • Question of

    The yellow tribe has the technology you need but they refuse to share with anyone. You:

    • Steal it
    • Ask them kindly again and offer something in exchange
  • Question of

    There’s a rumour going around that one of the tribes is planning to overthrow Gaga and the Kindness Punks, do you:

    • Warn Gaga
    • Spread the rumour
    • Brush it off, it’s a silly rumour
    • Ask around to see how to join
  • Question of

    INTRUDER ALERT! A new species has spawned on Planet Chromatica, which could threaten extinction. What does your tribe do?

    • Let the Kindness Punks deal with it
    • What about it?
    • Sit back and let the other tribes do the dirty work
    • Embrace the new species and ask them to join your tribe
  • Question of

    A fight between red tribe and blue tribe breaks out in the middle of the night, what do you do?

    • Sit back and watch
    • Stop the fight
  • Question of

    Someone from yellow tribe tells you they’re bored of Chromatica and wants to move to Oblivia, do you:

    • Try and talk sense into them
    • Go with them, bye fad! Chromatica is overrated anyways!
    • Smile and nod
    • Snitch of them to the kindness punks

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