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Rumor Has It…Which Gaga rumors do you remember?

Little Monsters are notorious for fabricating rumors based on basically little to no evidence.

It can be a thrill ride, or annoyance, depending on how you look at it.

Which ones do you remember?

  • Question of

    What ridiculous sources do Monsters consistently listen to despite them 99% of the time being incorrect?

    • The Haus
    • Twitter Insiders
    • Tabloid Magazines
    • Local psychics
  • Question of

    Despite us having seen multiple pictures proving otherwise, what was an odd rumor that the public spread?

    • Gaga is an alien.
    • Gaga’s vocals are actually someone elses dubbed over hers.
    • Gaga has a penis.
    • Gaga was artificially created in a lab.
  • Question of

    Gaga recently sang an acapella snippet of a song back stage. What was the name of the song that the fanbase had a meltdown when it wasn’t released on iTunes and performed at the AMAS?

    • Frankenstein’d
    • The Shallows
    • Party In Italy
    • Time Matters
  • Question of

    Maybe you are one of the fans who watch all the livestreams of each tour stop. If you are, what is one thing you consistently say happens, despite never actually happening?

    • Costume changes.
    • Performing new music.
    • Guest performers.
    • Gaga shortens songs.
  • Question of

    Being ridiculous as always, what lowkey rude rumor was made up about Gaga pre-fame?

    • She isn’t actually from New York.
    • She killed and assumed another artists identity
    • She once robbed a Taco Bell and stuffed cheese rollups in peoples gas tanks.
    • She ate peoples souls for fame.
  • Question of

    A lot of people were turned off for a while because they were convinced Gaga was a part of…

    • The Illuminati
    • The Trump Administration
    • A Viagra Campaign
  • Question of

    It’s a Wednesday. The sky is blue. A car horn sounds. A bird flies overhead. This means that Gaga is about to announce what about her tour?

    • She is changing the name.
    • It is cancelled.
    • New tour dates
  • Question of

    RedOne liked one of Gaga’s tweets. Clearly that means…

    • They recorded music together and the new album is about to drop.
    • They are feuding.
    • LG6 is cancelled.
  • Question of

    Despite never giving any indication of this, what does the fanbase think The Cure is about?

    • Taylor
    • Christian
    • Sonja
    • Troy
  • Question of

    Despite actually being sold out, what did people say happened with the BTWB?

    • She faked her injury and cancelled due to poor ticket sales.
    • She hated her fans and the album.
    • The Illuminati threatened to destroy her if she didnt.

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I think it is lost....but nothing is ever lost nor can be lost. The body sluggish, aged, cold, the ember left from earlier fires shall duly flame again.

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