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“Sh*t Gaga Says”: How much do you know?

Gaga has some pretty commonly used statements and phrases she has said over the years. How much can you remember? Let’s find out!

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    According to Gaga, how do they say ‘hello’ in New York?

    • Howdy!
    • A-yo!
    • What’s good?
    • Hey girl.
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    Where does Gaga claim she lives at all times?

    • On G.O.A.T.
    • Halfway between fantasy and reality.
    • On Venus.
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    What does Gaga always say at the start of every interview?

    • I’m so tired.
    • Who are you?
    • I’m really happy to be here.
    • Shook.
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    Every chance she gets, Gaga makes sure to remind you that she is…?

    • Italian.
    • Just a regular girl.
    • Five foot two.
    • Just getting started.
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    When Gaga demonstrates one of her skills, she probably learned it when she was…?

    • In High School.
    • 13.
    • Attending Tisch.
    • Sleeping.
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    Don’t call her Gaga. Call her…

    • Stefani
    • Gagita
    • Natalie
    • Joanne
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    What happens when you kill a cow?

    • You make a burger.
    • Call PETA.
    • Check your bumper for damage.
    • Gaga is vegan!
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    Don’t call it an egg. Call it a…

    • Container.
    • Dinosaur egg.
    • Vessel.
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    Who did Gaga say her album “Joanne” would really connect with?

    • A single mother, not wearing any makeup, standing in a field with a kid on her hip and a glass of wine in her hand.
    • Everyone and everything.
    • Only her fans.
    • All those fans she picked up during the Cheek To Cheek era.
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    Gaga said Perfect Illusion was about…

    • A breakup
    • Social Media
    • Drugs.
    • Her chickens.

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