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Sh*t Lady Gaga Says during the ARTPOP era: How much do you know?

Lady Gaga repeated the same thing over and over and over again during the ARTPOP era. How much of it do you remember?

Don’t you doubt the quiz, I swear, Lady Gaga has said all these things in interviews.

  • Question of

    Applause is the last song on ARTPOP because

    • Gaga wants you to clap after listening to the album of the decade
    • You already know all the lyrics, so you can sing along
    • So you can bang the gong
  • Question of

    When Lady Gaga isn’t on stage…

    • She’s feeding her chickens
    • Getting glamorous for her 3 Instagram posts
    • She doesn’t feel alive
  • Question of

    Where did Lady Gaga get her seashells for her Seashell Lady look?

    • Frederic made them
    • Her team went deep sea diving in the morning to get fresh seashells
    • She called up Jeniferalla to get them for her
  • Question of

    According to Gaga, DWUW would be really good if

    • The music video was released
    • R. Kelly was on it
    • DJWS didn’t produce it
  • Question of

    According to Gaga, ARTPOP is

    • to set you free
    • meant to be listened from start to finish
    • I don’t even know, she’s said way too many things
    • about Warhol soup cans
  • Question of

    In interviews, Gaga always talked about

    • putting art culture into pop music
    • she doesn’t lip sync
    • the foil limited edition of ARTPOP
    • how nobody understand what she’s talking about
  • Question of

    What does Gaga do when people ask her “Are you Lady Gaga?”

    • She says “yes I’m the rah rah bitch”
    • She says “do i need to understand a pineapple to eat a banana”
    • She says “no” and then starts singing Bad Romance
  • Question of

    During the ARTPOP era, Lady Gaga premiered

    • Volantis, the dress that can fly 1 foot from the ground
    • The reverse Warholian expedition
    • TechHAUS, what do they even do?
    • All of the above.

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