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The A Star is Born press tour… what choices would you make?

Your movie is an absolute smash before it hits theatres later this year. You now have to embark on a press tour with your co-star, Bradley Cooper. The choices you make will determine whether you win an Oscar in the future. What choices will you make?

  • Question of

    Your movie isn’t even out yet, and your fans have started a war against your rival movie. How do you feel?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    What kind of press do you want to do?

    • Radio interviews, Q&A’s, late night talk shows
    • Worldwide promo
    • Attend high profile parties, Q&As, conferences, etc
  • Question of

    You’re attending the first premiere of your movie, which outfit do you pick?

    • First
    • Middle
    • Last
  • Question of

    Uh oh, suddenly you log onto Twitter and see that your fans are up to no good again. They’ve created a compilation video of you repeating the same story during your press tour. What kind of damage control do you do?

    • Make them feel shameful by tweeting “I put so much love into my interviews, into my movies, I make it all for you. I’ll never understand the overflow of memes sent my way.”
    • Ignore it and laugh it off
    • Stop telling the store, and have Bobby take care of it as usual
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    Another bump on the road! Two of the biggest award shows are taking place on the same day: BAFTAs and Grammy’s. Which one do you attend?

    • BAFTAs
    • Grammy’s
  • Question of

    OMG! You’ve won so many awards, who do you thank first in your speech?

    • Your fans
    • Your one believer: Bradley Cooper
    • Your Italian family
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    “Shallow” becomes an unexpected hit, everyone and their mother is singing the song. Do you book some performance slots to promote the song?

    • Keep your performance exclusively for the Oscars
    • You book some performance slots on Ellen, Late Late Show, and SNL
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    Award season is coming to an end. What’s your final bold move?

    • Announce a limited engagement at Greek Theatre where you’ll be performing songs from A Star is Born
    • Let things run its course and focus on your next album

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