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The life of Ally Maine.. What choices would you make?

Ally is a fictional character but we couldn’t help but wonder, what choices would you make in her place?

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    It’s time for work! You head in and your manager is giving you shit again. What do you do?

    • Tell him to f*ck off and quit!
    • Keep your calm and move on
    • Rant to your best friend Ramone
  • Question of

    Your shift is over, you head over to the drag bar for your weekly performance. What are you singing tonight?

    • Same old, same old. La Vie En Rose
    • A rock tune
    • You’re feeling brave and decide to do an original song
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    A man approaches you backstage after your performance. OMG it’s Jackson Maine! How do you react?

    • You ask him why his hair is so greasy
    • You ask him for an autograph
    • You play it cool and carry on a casual conversation
  • Question of

    Jackson Maine asks you out and you head to a bar. A swarm of fans surround Jack asking for pictures and autographs.

    • What the hell is going on? You start punching them all in the face telling them to leave you alone.
    • You start signing autographs yourself cause you know you’ll be famous one day
    • You give him a moment with his fans
  • Question of

    You’re invited to Jackson’s next gig, you decide to show up and suddenly he invites you on stage to sing Shallow.

    • You grab that microphone like you’ve been doing this for years and start belting out ooaahhhh AHHHHHHHHHHH
    • You get on stage, get ready to sing and suddenly forget the words as you stare into Jackson’s crystal blue eyes
    • You feel pressured, so you get on stage but perform the entire song with your eyes covered
  • Question of

    You finally get what you’ve always dreamed of. Your career takes off and you’re exploding in your 30s. But your manager wants you to be more appealing and suggests you change your appearance.

    • You get yourself a new awful hairstyle to piss him off
    • You give him a whole speech about being yourself but end up changing your appearance anyways
    • You head to your local Epione center for a real change
  • Question of

    You want to surprise your husband Jack with a new pet. What do you buy?

    • A dog
    • Chickens
    • A cat
  • Question of

    YAS! You just scored your biggest gig yet, a slot to perform on SNL! What do you perform?

    • Appeal to the masses and sing a catchy song about butts
    • Stick to what you know best and invite Jack to perform a ballad with you
    • Perform a ballad on your own
  • Question of

    You’ve been nominated for 3 Grammy’s… But Jack is a jealous f*ck and ruining your moment

    • You call him ugly
    • Tell him he could be nominated for Grammy’s too if he worked just as hard as you do
    • Ignore him cause he drinks
  • Question of

    It’s time to go on your worldwide tour! Where will you be going?

    • Everywhere except Europe, Latin America, Australia and Asia
    • Just Brazil
    • You try to negotiate a Vegas residency

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