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How well do you remember Gaga: Five Foot Two?

How many times have you watched Gaga: Five Foot Two since it was released? Can you get 100% on this quiz about the documentary?

Let us know what you got in the comments below!

  • Question of

    The documentary opens with Lady Gaga talking about..

    • Music
    • A Star is Born
    • Taylor Kinney
    • Her friends
  • Question of

    The first song Lady Gaga works on in the studio is

    • A-YO
    • Million Reasons
    • Hey Girl
    • Perfect Illusion
  • Question of

    What performance from the Camden Rising DNC concert is shown in the documentary?

    • Bad Romance
    • Born This Way
    • You & I
  • Question of

    When did Lady Gaga have a little baby meltdown?

    • In the studio
    • On set of AHS
    • Before an interview
    • Before a photoshoot
  • Question of

    What song does Lady Gaga play for Darryl?

    • Million Reasons
    • Joanne
    • Perfect Illusion
    • Come to Mama
  • Question of

    Where does Lady Gaga sign her first “Joanne” album?

    • In a store
    • In front of her apartment
    • In front of the Bitter End
    • In front of a radio station
  • Question of

    In the first rehearsal scene for the Super Bowl, what song are they rehearsing?

    • Telephone
    • Poker Face
    • Born This Way
    • Just Dance
  • Question of

    “That’ll traumatize me.” What is Lady Gaga referring to?

    • Fame
    • Pain
    • Trump
    • Paparazzi
  • Question of

    Where does Lady Gaga go to buy her album?

    • Target
    • Walmart
  • Question of

    What else does Lady Gaga buy at the store aside from her album?

    • Katy Perry’s album
    • Popcorn
    • Candy
    • Magazine

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