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What did Lady Gaga mean by these tweets?

This is a tricky one…. Our queen is notorious for making typos and not making very much sense on Twitter. Can you figure out what she meant with each of them?

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    What was Lady Gaga tweeting about?

    • She butt tweeted
    • Obama won
    • She finally learned how to use Twitter
    • Her album leaked
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    What was Lady Gaga trying to understand here?

    • How to eat fruits
    • The difference between mentioning someone on Twitter and using a hashtag
    • How to tweet
    • The difference between a vine and a gif
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    Why did Lady Gaga tweet this?

    • Deep down she really didn’t want to follow a Belieber
    • She meant to reply to a Katy Cat
    • Someone said ARTPOP was a flop
    • She meant to reply to another tweet
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    What did Lady Gaga mean by this tweet?

    • Her music video leaked and she was freaking out
    • Her chickens escaped the coop
    • Her and Taylor were having some fun if you know what I mean
    • Her account was hacked
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    What was she laughing about?

    • She was giving us a preview of Aura
    • We still have no damn clue to this day
    • Someone told Gaga she would have farm animals one day
    • Laughing @ her fans thinking everything she says is cryptic
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    What was Lady Gaga talking about in this tweet?

    • Queen of Twitter didn’t understand stan lingo back in the day
    • She wanted to drag a Katy Cat on Twitter
    • She wanted to promote ARTPOP
    • Was trying to promote Hey Girl ft Florence Welch 3 years in advance
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    What did this tweet mean?

    • C U Next Tuesday… GET IT???? 👀
    • She literally had a meeting with MTV next Tuesday
    • She thought the VMAs were being held again next Tuesday
    • Her manager told her MTV was coming for dinner next Tuesday
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    What’s the story behind this tweet?

    • Gaga was planning a murder spree with Katy Perry and accidentally tweeted it out
    • Gaga was pissedT that hackers leaked Roar and Applause
    • Gaga thought Katy was a truck driver and hackers stole her truck
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    Who was Gaga calling a sweetheart?

    • A Fan
    • Taylor Swift
    • Perez Hilton
    • Adam Levine
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    BONUS: Can you tell what Lady Gaga meant to say when she got her own lyrics wrong?

    • Bland
    • Blonde
    • Blast

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  1. excuse me no, we do know why she tweeted the hahahahahahahaha. look at the date. september 6th, it was the 2012 VMAs, and nicki had just appeared on the red carpet with her EXACT monsterball outfit. now you’d think this is a reach, but then she went on and posted a picture of the original outfit with a very shady caption. so yep.

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