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Which Haus of Gaga member are you?

Are you part of Gaga’s “YES” team? Are you the ultimate saviour from Gaga’s team? Or are you basically a Gaga stan working on her team?

Take the quiz to find out which Haus of Gaga member you are!

  • Question of

    When Gaga asks for your opinion you say

    • Tell her it’s a good idea in a monotone voice
    • “I know what the fans want”
    • Tell her anything she does is amazing
  • Question of

    Someone throws shade on Twitter, you

    • politely respond in a respectful manner
    • go at it like it’s stan wars
    • Ignore it
    • What’s a Twitter?
  • Question of

    Pick a look

    • Yes
    • No
    • ff
    • dd
  • Question of

    Pick an interlude

    • Yes
    • No
    • dd
    • vv
  • Question of

    During a Haus of Gaga meeting

    • You nod and agree at everything Gaga says
    • Tell Gaga to bring back the avant garde looks
    • Sit there and listen
    • Tweet about the meeting in a cryptic way to troll the fans

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