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Which one of Lady Gaga’s Starbucks looks are you?

Lately, our queen has been spotted at Starbucks ALL the time and no where else. Sort of thinking she might be living in their basement

Anyways, take the quiz to find out which of Lady Gaga’s Starbucks looks you are!

  • Question of

    Let’s say you’re Lady Gaga for the day, what name do you give the barista?

    • Joanne
    • Rah Rah Bitch
    • Skinny legend
    • Ms. Asia
  • Question of

    Pick a drink

    • Americano
    • Unicorn frappucino
    • Iced latte
    • Pink drink
  • Question of

    You’re recording LG6 and you have a 20 minute lunch break. What do you pick up at Starbucks?

    • Oatmeal
    • A cake pop
    • Chicken BLT Salad sandwich
    • A bagel
  • Question of

    Pick a drink size

    • Short
    • Tall
    • Grande
    • Venti
  • Question of

    You’re asked to partner with Starbucks. What kind of partnership do you pick?

    • Work at Starbucks for the day as a barista
    • Go on coffee runs all day for people
    • Come up with your own line of drinks
    • Team up with Starbucks for a limited edition gift card
  • Question of

    You’re creating a new line of drinks at Starbucks. They ask you to come up with a brand new name for a drink. What do you think?

    • Cherry Cherry Boom Boom drink
    • ARTPOP Frappucino
    • Bloody Mary Frappucino
    • Summerboy refresher

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