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You might be a little monster, but are you a super fan?

You might know. But do you really know?

When it gets down to it, can you out Monster all the other monsters?

Lettuce see.

  • Question of

    What road do you travel down to get to the Monster Ball?

    • Rivington Street
    • The Glitter Way
    • Just follow her chickens
    • Take the alley behind 7-Eleven
  • Question of

    Gaga has had many personas over the years. Which one did we meet first?

    • Candy Warhol
    • Joanne
    • Joe Calderone
    • Yüyi
  • Question of

    Gaga leaves her hotel. You are waiting outside. What are you probably screaming?

    • Validate my existance
    • Where is ARTPOP ACT II?
    • Yasss! Gaga, you look so good!
    • Leak the DWUW video!
  • Question of

    Gaga does a lot of crazy stuff on stage. Which one of these has she NOT done?

    • Smoked a blunt.
    • Drank beer.
    • Vomited mid dance.
    • Sacrificed a chicken.
  • Question of

    Gaga says you should always honor your…

    • Parents.
    • Italian heritage.
    • Vomit.
    • Lost and lonely little girl inside.
  • Question of

    As a part of the Haus, you might be asked to do some odd things. Like what?

    • Adjust Gaga’s boobs mid interview.
    • Go deep sea diving for seashells.
    • Apply nipple pasties.
    • All of the above.
  • Question of

    Why does Gaga close her eyes when she auditions her bands?

    • She wants to hear how they feel.
    • She doesn’t wanna judge them.
    • Her psychic guru told her to.
    • Joanne told her to in a dream.
  • Question of

    One could say we already saw “A Star Is Born” during a tour. How so?

    • Gaga played a clip during the Joanne World Tour.
    • She literally emerged from a inflatable vagina while singing Born This Way.
    • An advanced copy of the film was put underneath some fans seats.
  • Question of

    Gaga has a tremendous…

    • Ego
    • Box Full of Farm Fresh Chicken
    • Donkey dick.
    • Love for Lebanese break dancing.

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Little Monster

Written by nichglarus

I think it is lost....but nothing is ever lost nor can be lost. The body sluggish, aged, cold, the ember left from earlier fires shall duly flame again.

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