Stupid Love, the lead single from LG6 is out worldwide now


Lady Gaga is back with the lead single to her upcoming album, that “may or may not be called Chromatica”.

The single, Stupid Love is available to be streamed across all platforms here.

The music video for the single takes us to the planet Chromatica and was shot on iPhone. Apple has officially released an ad that will be aired nationwide featuring the video.

Gaga, in an interview with Zane Lowe said the following about the project:

We are definitely dancing… I put all my heart, all my pain, all my messages from the other realm [!!] that I hear of… what they tell me to tell the world and I put it into music that I believe to be so fun and you know, energetically really pure. These records got passed around to so many different people, there were so many different iterations of these songs because we all wanted it to be perfect and literally nobody cared who put their fingerprints on it.

She also added that she wants to make an album of worldwide hits:

I would like to put out music that a big chunk of the world will hear, and it will become a part of their daily lives and make them happy every single day.

Here are some behind the scenes photos from the music video, courtesy of Just Jared:

Listen to the full interview with Zane Lowe here where Gaga talks about working with Tchami, BloodPop® & Max Martin:

The music video:

The Apple commercial:

Daniel Askill talked about the music video with Just Jared:

Obviously shooting on iPhone is new territory and as a filmmaker it’s kind of an unexpected thing to do because there’s a pretty standardized way to make music videos, television commercials and films, on bigger, much more expensive cameras. We had a blast shooting on iPhone 11 Pro. It creates a lot of new possibilities and freedoms for us to explore.

We put the phones on a professional steadicam and a professional scale drone, it was an interesting cross over in that respect between using the phones in a very true world way in terms of the capture technology but plugging them into the kind of apparatus of a much larger scale shoot. We used all three of the rear cameras but we were mainly alternating between Wide and Telephoto, and running two frame rates at the same time. We were shooting everything at 4K for almost all of the takes and would have one camera at 24fps with a second camera sitting right underneath the main camera at 48fps for a bit of slow-mo. We wouldn’t have be able to do this if we were running a single camera shoot on an Alexa.

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