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The funniest tweets and best fan theories about Stupid Love

Stupid Lovers, we are about to enter a new era which means a whole new wave of memes and fan theories have started to emerge on Twitter.

See the best ones below and vote for your favourites!

This is the moment. She IS the moment!

Let’s start with theseΒ reaction pictures:

#2 Australia doing it like no other

My Name Is James πŸ’— on Twitter

As a way to celebrate and promote Lady Gaga's new song #StupidLove Australia have dyed a lake pink. Don't forget to buy and stream the song on Friday the 28th of February

#3 The fans are clearly ready for battle when the song drops

6'5'' on Twitter

ladies.. we cannot let this one flop. I need you all to stream Stupid Love to DEATH this Friday and the entire following week. We've been suffering long enough, this is our CLAP BACK!

#5 A theory about the storyline in the music video

𝔁𝓸𝔁𝓸, 𝓐𝓡𝓲 on Twitter

Ya'll seeing the heart shaped and the bear trap sign on her head? These are her alter egos fighting for control in the music video. ✨ We ain't ready. 😭

#6 Fans spotted a resemblance between the Chromatica font and Bayonetta

Daniel McCancelled on Twitter

The way that the Chromatica logo is so heavily inspired by the Bayonetta logo... her enigmatic mind!! #StupidLove

#10 Ever seen pink snow? Well now you have thanks to Stupid Love promo!

Andy on Twitter

the way the Antarctica snow turned pink to support Stupid Love, so sweet of them 😭❀️

#11 Fans started to decipher the billboard and believe it might be related to Fornite

✧ πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ ✧ on Twitter

What's fortnight #StupidLove

#13 Gaga seems to be influenced by Bloodpop (who loves video games)… this could be a possibility

muhamad on Twitter

imagine these two versions of gaga fighting in the mv video game style????

#15 Gaga about to give the fans everything they want, maybe?

. on Twitter


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