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The ultimate A Star is Born Christmas gift guide

Your obsessed with A Star is Born, your parents are obsessed with A Star is Born, your neighbours are obsessed with A Star is Born, even Karen is obsessed with A Star is Born!

Don’t know what to get someone who is obsessed with the movie for Christmas? We present the ultimate A Star is Born gift guide! Guaranteed to be the best gift they’ll ever receive!

We’re going to state the obvious that you SHOULD buy them a copy of the album even if they already own one. Gaga needs those sales!

#1 Gigantic photograph of the final frame from A Star is Born (Cost: varies)

If you remember, Bradley Cooper gifted Lady Gaga a gigantic photograph (15 feet) of her face from the final scene of A Star is Born. Lady Gaga has it hanging in her Malibu home. 

The ultimate Gaga stan would want to have the same thing in their home, right?

#2 A billboard of their nose (Cost: expensive)

Well if you have a few bucks laying around and your friend is insecure about their nose OR you have some weird obsession about your friends nose you can pay to have a BIG billboard of their nose in the city!

#3 Take another look at them (Cost: priceless)

Finding yourself out of money? Who doesn't like to have themselves looked at? This gift is priceless!

#4 Be that one believer (Cost: priceless)

You know, Lady Gaga is a celebrity and its hard to believe that with such a big entourage, only 1 person believed in her. 

That one friend of yours might not have any believers, so you be THAT ONE PERSON!

#5 Bag of Frozen Peas (Cost: 1.00$)

For that friend of yours that always seems to be getting into trouble. They may eat them, or use them to treat their fighting wounds.

#6 Make Up Wipes (Cost: 20$)

Anyone who has seen A Star is Born knows that it's all about natural skin. We can't have people walking around with tons of makeup on. 

Gift this to the ultimate stan that will understand the joke 😉

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